Pharma Israel - The Organization of Pharmaceutical Companies Engaged in Research and Development (Registered Non- Profit Organization) (hereinafter: “Pharma Israel”) respects the privacy of users of the website at (hereinafter: the “Website”). The information provided hereafter is intended to help the User understand Pharma Israel’s Privacy Protection Policy on the Website.

The Privacy Policy as set forth hereafter will clarify the sources through which Pharma Israel collects information about Users of the Website, the purposes for which Pharma Israel collects the information, what information is collected about the Users, how Pharma Israel may use the information, how Pharma Israel handles and stores the information.

The information that the User has provided or will provide to Pharma Israel, whether verbally or in writing, depends on the User’s consent and free will and it does not derive from a legal obligation unless expressly stated otherwise. The information may be stored in the Pharma Israel databases for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy. In order to realize the foregoing purposes as mentioned, Pharma Israel may transfer information about you or any part thereof to third parties as set forth in this Privacy Policy.


1. Contacting Pharma Israel regarding Information

Any questions regarding the information collected by Pharma Israel and its use can be directed to Pharma Israel here: /en/contact-us/  or by contacting through our contact information appearing here: /en/contact-us/


2. The Sources by which Pharma Israel Collects Information regarding the User

2.1 By using the Website

2.2 By information that the User provides to Pharma Israel or that is received by Pharma Israel in connection with the services Pharma Israel provides.


3. The Information that Pharma Israel Collects regarding the User

The information that Pharma Israel collects regarding the User can include the following types of information: full name, contact details (telephone, email), name of the company on behalf of which the User has contacted Pharma Israel.


4. Why does Pharma Israel collect Information and how does Pharma Israel Use the Information (the “Purposes”)?

Pharma Israel collects information regarding the User for the following purposes – all or in part:

4.1 For allowing the User to perform the actions through the Website

4.2 For and in connection with the provision of services provided by Pharma Israel or anyone on its behalf in the Website

4.3 For the development and operation of the Website

4.4 For the maintenance of the Website and for monitoring User activity therein

4.5 For contacting the User

4.6 For compiling statistical data

4.7 For conducting surveys among the Users

4.8 For sending inquiries, including direct mail inquiries

4.9 For displaying content, messages, marketing offers, invitations to events and more which may suit the User and/or interest him and this via the various media outlets including social networks

4.10 For enforcing the Terms of Use of the Website.


5. The Transfer of Information

5.1 Information may be delivered to third parties in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Protection Policy.

5.2 The transfer of information to third parties shall include only relevant information that does not exceed the purposes for which the information is transferred, and it will be performed proportionately for a defined, explicit and legitimate purpose.

5.3 Pharma Israel may transfer the information or any part thereof to third parties in one or more of the following cases:

   5.3.1 The third parties that provide Pharma Israel with various services, inter alia, provide support services for security systems and information technology (IT) systems, information storage services, services for conducting surveys and research, lawyers or other external professional consultants as well as other third parties that provide services to Pharma Israel in connection with its activities.

   5.3.2 If Pharma Israel receives a judicial order instructing it to provide the User’s details or information regarding the User in accordance with a judicial order and in accordance with the provisions of any law.

   5.3.3 In any dispute, claim, demand, lawsuit or any legal proceedings between the User or anyone on his behalf and Pharma Israel and anyone on its behalf.

   5.3.4 The transfer and/or sale and/or assignment and/or acquisition of Pharma Israel and/or of its assets and/or activities and/or any part thereof, with or without consideration, inter alia in cases in which ownership of the Website and/or its contents will be transferred, all or in part, to third parties, including but not limited to the merger of Pharma Israel and/or its activities with third parties, and including, without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, in cases of change of an officer, committee members and organization members at Pharma Israel.

   5.3.5 In any case where Pharma Israel will believe that providing the information is required to prevent damage to Pharma Israel, to the User and to any third party.


6. Information Security and Limitation of Liability 

6.1 Pharma Israel takes reasonable technical and physical measures regarding privacy and information security in accordance with the accepted standards. It is well known that the storage and transfer of information by electronic methods, including through the internet, can never be completely secure and at any time when the User submits information to Pharma Israel, in particular through the internet, the User does so with his full consent and subject to the dangers involved in transferring the information in this way. In any case, if the User has reason to believe that the transfer of information to Pharma Israel is no longer secure, please notify us by the contact methods in section 1 above.

6.2 The Website may offer links, hyperlinks or banners to other Websites, which Pharma Israel does not monitor or review, their reliability and their legality, and anything related to their security and to their privacy protection policies.

6.3 Therefore, Pharma Israel shall not be liable and it is exempt from any liability in connection with any damage, loss or expense, of any type and kind, whether direct or indirect and/or circumstantial and/or consequential, caused and/or which shall be caused to the User and/or to a third party in respect of the use of such Websites and/or webpages and/or the content posted therein. Without derogating from the aforesaid, the User undertakes to fulfill and to comply with the instructions and the terms of those Websites and/or webpages.


7. The Possession Period of the Information

Pharma Israel will keep the information regarding the User for a period of time required for securing the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy, unless a longer possession period is required or permitted according to law.


8. Information Regarding other People

If the User provides information to Pharma Israel regarding other people, the User must do so only after: (a) the User has updated the third parties about the contents of this policy; and – (b) the User has obtained the legal consent required to collect, use, disclose and transfer personal information regarding the third party in accordance with this Policy and in accordance with provisions of the law, to the extent required.


9. Use of Analysis Services

The company uses third-party analysis services, such as Google Analytics, which enable it to collect statistical and non-identifying information about the use made by the Users of the Website, and inter alia the number of visits to the Website, the search engine through which the Users surfed to the Website, other sites through which the User was directed to the Website and more. The use of such third- party services is subject to the privacy protection policies of those third parties and therefore the User must review the privacy policies of the third parties as stated above.

You can review the Google Analytics Terms of Use and Policy at the following link:


10. The Governing Law and Jurisdiction

10.1 The terms and the instructions set forth in this Privacy Protection Policy, as well as any changes or amendments thereto, as well as the use of the Website, shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel without reference to its applicable choice of law provisions.

10.2 The Courts in Tel Aviv- Jaffa shall have exclusive jurisdiction in connection with any disputes and/or claims arising out of or related to the use of this Website and this Privacy Policy.


11. Miscellaneous

11.1 Pharma Israel regularly reviews the Privacy Policy and reserves the right to make changes at any time in order to take into account changes in the management of its activities and legal requirements. Please check the latest Privacy Policy update date to see when it was last changed.

11.2 The User may not assign his rights and/or his obligations under this Privacy Policy to others. Pharma Israel will be allowed to transfer its rights and/or obligations to others. The User’s rights will not be harmed in such case.


Updated as of February 16, 2020