The relationships between the pharmaceutical companies and the scientific and medical communities raise ethical questions that warrant the creation of clear ethical principles to ensure proper conduct and transparency and prevent conflicts of interests.

Pharmaceutical companies invest massive resources in the research and development of innovative, more effective and safer medicines for patients, while advancing science, education and medical care in Israel. The interactions between the pharmaceutical companies, physicians and the healthcare system in Israel, as elsewhere in the world, are carried out while conforming to high ethical standards in relation to all matters pertaining to the companies’ activities with the medical community.

Multinational pharmaceutical companies have adopted internal codes of ethics over the years that regulate the companies’ interactions with healthcare institutions and medical teams. As is customary in other countries, Pharma Israel and member companies of the organization, the Israel Medical Association, the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce and the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel have signed a joint ethics covenant.

The joint ethics covenant between the Israel Medical Association and the pharmaceutical companies operating in Israel prescribes rules with regard to conferences and continuing education courses, clinical research, financial support and donations, the provision of services, the advertising of medicinal products, the activities of medical representatives, etc.


Click HERE to read the joint ethics covenant of The Israeli Medical Association and The Representative Organizations of the Pharmaceutical Companies Operating in Israel