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MedicaltPharma Israel is the association of the Israeli subsidiaries of the multinational companies, leaders in medical research & Development. Pharma Israel aspires to create an environment that attracts multinational pharmaceutical companies to invest in the research and development of innovative medicines in Israel, while ensuring the safety of medications and their and accessibility to the public. Pharma Israel is recognized as a source of valuable information to health care decision making. This role derives from the association’s profound concern for safety and promotion of the public health in Israel.Since its establishment in 1999, Pharma Israel is active in the following fields:
Improvement and streamlining of the medicine registration process – without compromising in any way the medicine’s safety and quality.

  • Exposure of systemic failures which may adversely affect public health (parallel import, pirate personal import, selling of dangerous medicines in markets across the country and more).
  • Improvement of the updating procedure of the Israeli Basket of Health Services and Technologies – increasing its efficiency and ensuring proper implementation
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights – creation of proper conditions that would enable R&D investments by the pharmaceutical companies in Israel, while preserving and strengthening their intellectual property rights.
  • Strengthening the status of Israel as a center for clinical research while benefiting from its member companies’ international experience and expertise as well as maintaining a dialogue with the relevant government offices.
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